23 Juni 2009

hey baby, you home?

if i had one wish,
it would be you.

22 Juni 2009


12 Juni 2009


In such a flat mood, as usual. I'm getting bored w/television programme nowadays, i do not know why but i do. School's half free and i lobe it, mwwwwah holiday. But terima raport thingy is still lyk 2 weeks to go, deg2an you know :/:/:/ I want a cemceman deh, huhu hihi hihi huhu come to meeeh dong bebi bebi HAHA sounds yuck. I'm getting apa ya like burnin inside gitu because of heat of the sun that's so into my soul, emmm na ah ngarang.......
Holiday. Is what i've really wished for. BUT NOWWWWWWW i want school the way it used to HEHE:p such a plin plan girl i am but gapapa deh apa deh apa ya apakek yaudah sih gausah marah
Masih bored nih
I am actually waiting for (ehm).......a crush of mine to greet me on the mighty Windows live messenger, but his name still doesnt come up on my monitor :((((( Sick of you babeeeeee HAHA~~~~~babe babe babe yaudahlah ya 100% selow
Im sure no one would read this but at least it could errmmm lose lyk,20% of my boredom up.
My english is so na ah ya? lalalalala enak di mix with indonesian gitu, looks like fun :p
Haha getting crazy is so right now, let yourself comin on it, eh mana sih loooo? siapa? depanya S blkgnya E, Siapakeee

6 Mei 2009

ceker ayam

halo halo ini hari kamis pagi yang menggairahkan,pengen pergiiiiii ke citos nontonin gl cabut cabut ahemm jadi pengen spageti,spageti enak dimana sih? gue lagi pengen nulis tapi gatau mau nulis apa,eh citos sama diskum jauh ya? kalo naik taksi berapa? mahal ga? jadi pengen nikah sama adrie bakrie (eh kayaknya si mas adrie sukanya sama yang blasteran gt deh macem mano sama nia ramadhani,eh tapi maaf ya gerls kalo we will be the next) auuww biar bisa naik jet kayak miss mano,oppss her status is not single anymore. oke we feel really sorry for manohara yaa,she's beautiful banget and her life looks like bergelimang harta. tapi kalo orang banyak uang belum tentu bahagia kan? iya banget ini ga sok iya banget kayak spiky kids. nothing last forever ya ga siiih udah ya kita sedang tidak sekolah bersama seperti biasa nya sekarang mau do the things that good girls should do when they are hang out tugeder, ciao beybedoll mwah....................................................luv

girls oh girls.

5 Mei 2009

several things on my mind

1. today is 5th day of may 2009, remember 1 year ago when we were still in junior high, it's the day of final (killin) exam
2.i miss junior high, just can't erase the memories, it runs on my head and tattooed on my mind
3.this is already 7:45 p.m. and i'm depressed because i can't print my biology-rangkuman out.
4.would you help me out of point 3?
5.next week is a holiday yay yay yay,it's only for a week but i'm happy enufff, at least i can sugar up my tiring body & soul :p :p
6.lalalalala can't fill this blank one
7.seven things i hate about youuu, seven things i hate about you,see? how madesu i am right now
8.8+8=16 hihi
9.i want.....to be at..... pussycat dolls' concert next june, bismillahirahmanirahim, amin amin.
10. i want to eat ketoprak without toge right now
11.yes, i have just finished download ciara&justin's love sex magic hihiw
12.celeeee is 12 orang
13.friday the 13th!!!!!!!!
14.when i was 14, i already know how to spell alphabet and read rightly muahaha
15. 15 is my previous age
16.i used to watch mtv's super sweet sixteen, masih ada ga sih?
17. naik kelas, masuk ipa (kalo cukup nilai) masuk ips juga gapapa yg penting kelasnya enak, amin amin ya rabbal alamin.
18.im stopping

you know who i am.
i know you love me HAHA amin
i know i love you
you & me into love
love is cinta
cinta is buta
buta is blind.
and love is in the air
and i love it.

flat weeks -_-

School thingy makes me sick. All i want is some fun, right now.
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, i want to be free just for a while
holiday is all i need.
school day-off is what i really want.
not in the mood to skipping school,though.

this is what i feel.

15 April 2009

kali ke3 aneh tapi nyata kita bersama

bagun pagi => males deh => alesan => ngapain sekolah,skip aja

arini the puitis one

Arin says:

Shastri says:
hahaha gue masa terharu

8 April 2009

tps membara kita pun bersama

foto coming soon,pergi dulu ya byeee <3